Want to know the most effective ways to flirt with a man? Do you want to get so good at it that men will be longing for you no matter where you are? Men love flirting with the opposite sex, so why not learn how to use it effectively for whatever reason you may have. Flirting is not something that comes easily, but with a little practice you can be an expert in no time at all. Read on to find Niteflirtphonesex out what you need to know to be a good flirt.

Work on the temple!

Before you can become an expert in flirting you will need to do some homework. You could say the right things, but that is not important, what is important is how it comes across. This is key. Work on your self confidence to a point that you feel comfortable communicating with any guy, stranger or friend. Many women lose confidence in themselves in the belief that they are unattractive in one way or another. To overcome this insecurity I suggest reading some self help books and partaking in meditation classes. By being active in improving your confidence you are taking a positive step in changing yourself for the best.

Work on that smile girl

Smiling is natural thing for anyone. When we are happy we smile, when we are not we don’t smile. Simple. Smiling to guy is a perfect way to flirt with him that doesn’t require you to speak. The smile should be light, subtle but noticeable and eye contact brief. Trust me, master this and he will be gagging for you.

Its all in the eyes!

Eye contact is important when it comes t If you seriously want his juices flowing so to speak then give him a a look he wont forget. You don’t want him to think you are staring, that will just make him paranoid thinking he has something wrong with him! You can make eye contact as much as you want but keep it very short.

Getting physical

Touch is a great way to focus attention on yourself. A large percentage of men like being touched but there are a few that don’t believe it or not. To prevent any awkward moments keep it short and sweet yet gentle. You could do this a number of ways such as gently leaning on his shoulder, touching him on the chest for a brief moment at times of laughter. Use your imagination, there is no wrong or right.