When replacing clear plastic windows on a sun veranda you need to measure correctly because they are customized and cannot be returned. The rating is usually in ¼ inch increments. Get the fit as close as possible.

When measuring width the bottom sash should be raised, measure the width jamb to jamb. Take your measurements from towards the top area of the window, at the center and near the bottom.

When measuring the height do it from the head jamb to the sloped sill where the inside of the window a stool meets. All windows are not sized alike. When replacing clear plastic windows on a sun veranda you can draw images of the walls that have windows, number each window, measure and write the measurements down.

To install the windows eliminate the old sash. The typical double put window has two sets of stops that are completely removable. The exterior stop is nailed on and should not be removed. Take the medial side stops off carefully, they will be reused. Cut sash rules, remove lower sash. Take out the impaired stop and eliminate the second sash. Put the replacement plastic window in the window opening. If the new window is not wide enough, a deprive of wood can fill the space.

Use a carpenter’s sq to center the 2021 jamb runs window in the opening. The sides of the window should be shimmed just behind the predrilled holes in the jamb. Replace your inside stop after screwing the window where it ought to be. Check window to see if it works. Run narrow deprive of caulking around the outside window.