You may be thinking of getting a new pair of wheels for your bike, probably because they are old or worn out, or you want to have a better wheelset to give you a lot more interesting riding mtb bike rims experience. If this is the case, you should think about the 60mm h2o and tubular wheelset, more so if you prefer road riding or racing.

Wheelset features

The 60mm h2o and tubular rims are wide, and have a rest track that is angled to give the bike smooth airflow. The broader rims also enable you to brake safely and ensure that there is no build-up of heat in the wheels. The 60mm h2o and tubular wheelset requires a unique tire called a tubular, which is normally sawn around the tube. The wide break track makes it easy to glue the tire onto the casing.

The 60mm h2o and tubular rims enable air to flow efficiently over the tire and onto the casing, thereby giving you enhanced aerodynamics. If you enjoy riding at rates of speed above 23mph, then this wheelset will serve you just right. You can also make use of this wheelset if you are riding in flat or running surfaces. The hubs are very light in weight, with the front center weighing about 76 grams and the backside center 240 grams.

These hubs are produced from an alloy body, and add hardness and stability to the wheels, making it much easier to ride your bike. The hubs are joined to the rims using bladed spokes, and the mention ratios applied will offer your wheels sufficient tension to give them enhanced stability.

The wheels turn on standard bearings that are sealed, which are very effective with sealant systems. The bearings are very smooth, which contributes to the durability of the wheels, and makes it easier for the wheels to be replaced. There are normally two bearings placed at the front center and four of them at the backside center. The break walls of the 66mm h2o and tubular wheelset are produced from basalt Kevlar, and come with resins with high resistance to heat.

Advantages of tubulars

The 60mm h2o and tubular rims are lighter as they don’t contain bead walls. Next to your skin a lighter inner tube. Tubular wheels can be filled with air to higher challenges when needed, and can be safely ridden when flat. The tubular tire pressure does not affect the rims of the wheelset.

If you encounter a hole while riding your bike, you simply peel from the lemon the bath tub off the casing. The recording remains on the casing, so you can simply place another bath tub. Once you increase the wheel, you are ready to go. You therefore do not need to work your way through tire levers, and the entire process has a very small amount of time.

The 60mm h2o and tubular wheels can accommodate high tire pressure, and are therefore not prone to punctures and crunch apartments. The wheels also have a high resistance to running, in addition when the casing and tire are firmly attached.

The wheelset provides you with superior riding quality, and you are able to enjoy a smooth ride and perfect control of your bike. The wheels are also durable, and offer you superior aerodynamics, further enhancing your riding experience.